Mervyn Lambert Traffic – blocking pavements again

7 Mar

I did a post about Mervyn Lambert Traffic recently after they had left a number of traffic signs blocking the pavements around where I live. I called their emergence line and to their credit someone jumped into a van and drove 50 miles to come and move them and we even had a friendly and productive discussion about the issue in site. Unfortunately… they have gone and done exactly the same thing again – this time on a much busier road.

In response I have now removed the offending sign into safe keeping and have invited them to come and collect it from me. I do realise that this might create some inconvenience for motorists on the signed diversion, however it will create less inconvenience and risk for pedestrians (including kids heading to school during this morning rush-hour). Talking of risk, anyone who considers removing signs in their patch should be aware that it is illegal to move traffic signs and one can get a £1000 fine; I am taking that risk because I believe that it is necessary to do so to get these companies to pay attention and obey the law, and because I don’t believe they would take me to court given that I have evidence of their offense, and of course I would love to head what the court would say if they did! One also needs to carefully consider if the removal of the sign could create an increased risk or a collision – if in doubt leave them where they are a phone the company and get them to sort it. The picture below shows this particular offending sign. Do notice that the legal footway ends where the tarmac ends and the concrete starts with far less than the legal 1 meter minimum of on-obstructed footway.

Mervyn Lambert Traffic across the pavement again!

One Response to “Mervyn Lambert Traffic – blocking pavements again”

  1. A N Onymous March 17, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    Leaving roadworks and other “temporary” notices so that they block pavements (but never roads) happens in Chesham, Bucks. It is clear how attentive the people who put the signs out are. When I move them aside to allow one person at least to pass, no-one puts them back in the way again. It’s nice to know a watchful eye is kept.
    In their defence,the diversions for pedestrians put out by, for example, BT, are better thought out these days. It’s a pity, though, that ruined pavements and cyclists make the space that remains difficult for pram pushers, and wheelchair users, etc. Our nastiest current problem is dog fouled alleyways: I have complained about this, but……………….
    I live here; please leave me as Anonymous

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