Re-deploying useless road signage

25 Jun

This morning I came across a couple of ‘pedestrians this way’ signs back to back that were performing no useful function and decided to move them to where they would at least warn pedestrians of cars obstructing the pavement.

‘Pedestrians this way’ signs getting in the way

Warning pedestrians of a car obstructing the pavement

A ‘pedestrians this way’ sign doing some good this time

I also came across and number of abandoned ‘no road markings’ signs. Given that there were a lot of very clear new road markings on the carriageway and that most of the signs had collapsed and were now lying flat across the pavement I moved them out of the way or put them somewhere sensible as appropriate.

This one is at least still standing

Ouch! imaging falling over that one.

Yes there are road markings!

On Nacton Road this time

On Ransomes Way

While re-deploying one of the ‘pedestrians this way’ signs I was challenged by a resident who said it was illegal to move signage and that he was going to phone the police. When I took out my camera to record the situation as evidence he said it was also illegal to take photos! Neither of these are illegal to my knowledge; he did however refuse to enter into a discussion about whether one of the cars beside which I had placed a sign had broken the law. It had: (Highway Code rule 145). I now need to wait to see if I get another visit from the police. If I do get a visit I will challenge as to what law I have broken and also about why they are no spending their time more usefully keeping the pavements safe for pedestrians. I will also remind them of their duty to act without ‘favour of malice’ and ask if they have even spoken to the person who still parks his Jaguar illegally obstructing local raised school crossing despite my regular reports of the problem.

Jaguar still parking on the raised crossing outside the school

I also moved a bunch of wheelie bins off the pavement any into people’s front gardens but that is another story.

2 Responses to “Re-deploying useless road signage”

  1. SteveL June 25, 2011 at 9:42 am #

    funny. but.
    -filming: get a more discreet camera, like the veho muvi, which you can clip to a satchel strap, and keep filming all the time

    -confrontation: have you ever considered its a losing battle? Making enemies of the police doesn’t solve your problem, neither does making enemies of parents.

    Better to
    -get the parents at the school to complain about the car on the crossing, have it ticketed on a weekday morning.
    -Find other people who are unhappy about being able to walk down the pavement and get them involved.

    Making enemies of everyone isn’t going to work: you need to find allies.

    • Peter Miller June 25, 2011 at 12:14 pm #

      I try to avoid confrontation and when I experience it I try to avoid escalation. I try to keep things light where possible but sometimes a point needs to be made.

      I am experimenting with different methods; leaflets are certainly effective and many drivers park noticeably more thoughtfully afterwards. Chalking the pavement for the worst culprits gets a lot of attention from pedestrians most of whom are supportive. Stunts like the ‘no pedestrians’ signs of April Fool’s day get in the papers and are great for publicising the campaign. The April Fool stunt even got onto the local police noticeboard that they take round to schools as an example of community activism with lots of mums with buggies in the photo!

      Regarding building up a community, then that is happening. This blog received it’s 20,000th page view recently and readership is growing nicely. There is a broad spectrum of support for all the broad issue with lots of activity around the country including your great stuff in Bristol. That give me hope.

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