The hedge will have to go!

13 May

A neighbour of ours has a particularly impressive and well cared for hedge. It is tall, healthy and has possibly got a little wide. So… Ipswich Borough Council in their wisdom wrote to the owners asking them to cut is back. The owners refused. Here it is still there in all it’s glory.

The hedge (and the electrical cabinet)

There is one other teeny weenie problem with trying to get down this particular section of pavement which is that some motorists think that it is the perfect place to leave their cars over night, at weekends and indeed on many weekdays. The council do nothing about this and don’t even mention that it is a problem in the parking section of their website in the way that many other councils do.

A very obstructive hedge!

Obviously the hedge will have to go!

In addition to the cars, the council policy is to leave bins across the pavement to avoid blocks driveways after then have been emptied. The council has refused my request for a meeting to discuss the issue and has also stated that they have no intention of changing their policy as this might lead to damage to cars and claims for compensation from them from motorists. Here is a typical example for how bins are currently being left by the council on this street every week.

A good place for the council to leave an empty bin after collection!

How about the police? I am pleased to have their full support of this campaign, however very regrettable I also spotted this ‘safer neighbourhoods’ police car parked needlessly across the pavement in the next street sending out all the wrong messages earlier this week!

That’s how you do it! make sure you always leave the carriageway clear

One Response to “The hedge will have to go!”

  1. Graham Martin-Royle May 13, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    This is just so typical, it is everybody and everything’s fault except for the poor hard done by motorist. As for ever getting anything done by those who are there to enforce the law, the police, it’s very unlikely that they will do anything as they are just as big a bunch of criminals (parking on a pavement has to be enforced by the police which makes it a criminal offence) as the rest.

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