Does my arse look big in this?

1 Jan

The phrase when I was young was ‘you have eyes bigger than your stomach’. In this case the phrase might be ‘your have aspirations longer than your parking space’. Possibly car dealers should provide free tape-measures prior to purchase…  Mentioning arses, I notice that Renault were recently reprimanded for their ‘I see you baby, shaking that ass’ adverts and indeed seem to have created a whole string of offensive adverts.

Here are some examples of protruding arses and noses near where I live. I was encouraged that the Volvo owner in the first picture, who was very unhelpful with me when I first challenged her, has since parked much more considerately. Also that the owner of the BMW in the same photo moved her car immediately after I pointed out the issue and she hasn’t parked back there since then to my knowledge. We are storing up problems by not sending out cleared signals to car owners that they really should buy a car that actually fits in the space they have available. A clear message should be sent out to people who install dropped kerbs for off-road parking that overhanging vehicles will be penalised. However… to achieve that legislation will be required.

Long Volvo

This one has a nice tow hook to catch ankles!

Snookered by a Parcelforce van

Just go back a little further please

Long Mercedes

I can see you!


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