Obstruction signs obstruct the pavement!

15 Oct

I have started noticing how ‘road narrowing’ warning signs get left on the pavement where they obstruct pedestrians! This is yet another excellent example of how pedestrian realm is taken over for the benefit of the motorist. How does that fit with the Disability Discrimination Act apart from anything else?

Here are a few examples. Note that in none of the case is the road actually being narrowed and that in first two cases there is a pedestrian trying to use the pavement who will be!

I still can’t believe that someone would leave a sign here

This next ones were on the approach to a primary school in Newnham in Cambridge. There are a total of four signs on a short lenght of pavement. Notice that the road-works are not actually even protruding beyond the parked cars.

Obstruction signs in Cambridge on the pavement as well

I say ‘were’ because they are now placed in more useful locations.

Should ‘road narrows’ signs actually be placed by parked cars?

Excess signage has been placed in ‘storage’ by the road-works themselves.

Excess signs

Excess signs have been moved into ‘storage’ by the road works themselves

Back in my home town I came across this one. There is no good reason for this sign not to be in the road which is where it now is!

Sign for motorists obstructs the pavement

Sign for motorists obstructs the pavement

Of course when one combines these cunning signs on the pavement with cars parked on the pavement then one can create complete chaos for pedestrians let alone anyone who is blind! This one is also in Ipswich.

Yet another ‘road narrows’ sign, this time there is also a car to complete the picture

One Response to “Obstruction signs obstruct the pavement!”

  1. Sandra riddell December 4, 2016 at 12:53 pm #

    My neighbours have suddenly been given parking fine from private company. We always park on pavement as there is one half of pavement is tarmacked so other part is paved for pedestrians. There is a sign at ends of pavement with a P And car with red line through it. I cannot find this sign any were on line. I have read that private companies are not official and that it is a invoice. But does one still need to appeal this.?? This is causing distress. My neighbour is frightened to park on pavement or road outside his own home.he had parked in my elderly brighouse drive at moment. I find this all very disturbing to say the least. We always park over road on pavement tarmacked peace when we are having work done etc. “Help.”

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