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Virgin Media join the ‘whole hog club’!

27 Feb

This guy seemed to have gone to considerable lengths to maximise problems for pedestrians on a very wide pavement beside a dropped kerb, thereby become eligible to join our exclusive ‘whole hog club‘, and yes, he had left the door propped open. When I asked him about it he explained that he had been careful to position his vehicle to minimise inconvenience to other road users… to his credit, he did immediately move his vehicle without any quibble or complaint when I pointed out that he appeared to have forgotten about inconvenience to pedestrians. Thank you for that, which is much better than the normal bolshy response I often get. However, it would be even better if his company had previously provided him with some effective pedestrian awareness training!

Virgin Media completely blocking the pavement

Double trouble – Sky and Virgin Media

8 Oct

Sky and Virgin Media have excelled themselves over the past two weeks around here. The driver of the Sky vehicle parked right across the pavement on a double-yellow line told me ‘he would park exactly where he wanted to’ (the message ‘lost’ on the side of the vehicles seems pretty appropriate in the circumstances). Neither of the three Virgin Media drivers I spoke to gave a damn.; the pair sitting waiting beside their vehicles which were completely blocking the pavement said they would leap up and move their vehicle at the first sign that a mother and child wanted to use the pavement (even though they were sitting so they wouldn’t see anyone trying to use the pavement anyway). The young driver who parked on the pavement on the double yellow outside the shop seemed to genuinely have no idea what the problem was. Do these companies give a damn? Do they have any policies on the subject?  Should their Health and Safety policies not say that they should leave pavements clear? Should a driver who blocks a pavement not face an internal disciplinary process? Possibly we should ask companies for their policies for the environment, community and safety.

A Sky driver gets lost and ends up parked right across the pavement on a double yellow line!

Two Virgin Media vans right across the pavement – drivers not interested in moving them.

Virgin Media – blocking pavement on junction on double yellow – no problem for the driver