More bins on the pavement and silence from the council

3 May

I have been writing to my council and my local councilor and have been leaving reports on FixMyStreet since October 2010 in relation to bins left on pavements. I am writing to the relevant officer again today.

Here are some new photos from over the weekend from one housing area in Ipswich. The first two pictures show the way that the pavement is being used for the permanent storage of bins by some, but not all, residents; the last one shows bins left scattered all over the only part of the pavement available for pedestrians after they have been emptied by the council contractors in a way that I believe is illegal under the Equality Act 2010

Bins along a very narrow pavement

More bins on the pavement

Bin assault course on collection day

Update: The council have now responded and said that they do follow up complaints about bins being left permanently on the pavement and get them moved. Lets now see what happens. They have however said they won’t change the instructions to their binmen on where to leave the empty bins which I am going to challenge them on.

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