Fooling around

28 Mar

April fools day is fast approaching (this Friday) and I have prepared some helpful signage which I hope will make people more aware as to how pedestrians are getting squeezed out by ever increasing numbers of cars. There are three variants, aimed at general pedestrians, wheel-chair users and for people with buggies.

If you do use them then consider where would be best for each type – on the approach to a primary school for the buggy version and close to sheltered housing or a bus stop for wheel-chair version. Ones on the approach to a school are likely to get a lot of attention. Laminate them to make them more robust and convincing. If you intend to leave them up longer-term then use a laser-printer rather than an inkjet printer given that laser colours fade less fast in UV. The local paper might even do a story on them if you let them know.

Feel free to mess about with the designs or make your own variants. If you do something using these resources or anything else on April Fools day then do take photos and add them to the Pedestrian Liberation Flickr pool.

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