Repairing pavements again and again?

28 Feb

Some time back I reported that Cambridge County Council estimated that pavement parking caused £3m in damage every year. Suffolk council recently replaced a load of damaged paving along a residential street in Ipswich. In this photo first photo you can see a section of cracked and damaged paving slabs, then there is a section of new paving and…  wait for it… yes, there it is, a car back on the pavement on new paving.

Damaged paving, repaired paving and… a car back on the paving

And here is a close up. Notice that nearly every paving slab has been replaced on both sides of the road on the row of slabs closest to the carriageway where the vehicles wheels go. All the ones closest to the gardens are ok.

A close up of a car back on the repaired paving

One Response to “Repairing pavements again and again?”

  1. Amoeba February 28, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

    The damage to paving slabs is only part of it. Often the damage to services is far more costly. Then there is the cost of personal injury claims resulting from uneven and damaged paving.
    The council tax payers are paying for this. In many cases the damage is caused by commuters.

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