E-petition to tackle illegal pavement parking in Brighton

19 Jan

A local e-petition has been launched relating to illegal parking in ‘Baker’s Bottom’ in Brighton. Following a local area meeting with the police, a local Police Community Support Officer organized a letter for all the residents in that area recieved more than 35 responses and formed the basis of the petition which is now available on the Brighton and Hove City Council website.

Being pedantic, the current parking situation is not illegal given that pavement parking is only illegal if it causes an obstruction (which is often hard to prove) or if some other specific regulation applies. If it was already illegal then the requested double yellow lines would not be required! Needless to say, the legal process of putting in yellow lines is time-consuming and expensive and would have to be paid for by all residents of the borough whether they drive or not and whether they park on the pavement or not!

Incidentally, the coalition government required all local councils to enable residents to submit online petitions and have it working by the end of last year.

Baker’s Bottom

One Response to “E-petition to tackle illegal pavement parking in Brighton”

  1. Matt Payne September 20, 2011 at 2:34 pm #

    Support the Living Streets campaign if you want a change to this behaviour

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