APC Overnight and Parcel Force this time

12 Jan

By chance I spotted the same APC Overnight van and driver parking very inconsiderately on Monday outside a school at pick-up time and then again on Wednesday in the pedestrian zone in the retail zone at a time when loading wasn’t allowed. I spoke to him on Monday and he couldn’t see what the problem was. I didn’t bother to ask him today. Here are the photos:

APC Overnight across the pavement outside a primary school at pickup time on Moday

The same van and the same driver in the pedestrian zone outside loading times on Wednesday

Of course it isn’t just them. Here is a Parcel Force van blocking the pavement locally in a very comprehensive way:

ParcelForce van across pavement

And another view of the same Parcel Force van

As always, an email will be winging its way to the companies shortly. I wonder when these delivery companies will get the message?


All emails to their head office PR department seem to bounce. A phone call to head office was diverted to the local branch – they don’t seem to be interested in the actions of local companies even though they have the company name on the side. The local branch was unavailable at the time. Possibly they will pick this up in due course and come back to us using the comment facility below. I may also try the local branch on the phone tomorrow morning on the phone but it is frustrating when companies make it hard to provide feedback and then don’t seem to want it.

Update 2

Just spotted this APC Overnight parked all over the pavement. I asked him to leave the pavement clear next time and park on the companies land which was available, however the driver told me that ‘he couldn’t be bothered to argue about it’.

Another APC Overnight vehicle parked right across the pavement

2 Responses to “APC Overnight and Parcel Force this time”

  1. Ry December 29, 2011 at 11:17 pm #

    Is your life that boring you really have nothing more to do then moan about guys doing their jobs?? I myself am a multi drop driver, and every day face situations where i end up having to park awkward and inconsiderately because joe bloggs decided to park his car in the loading bay designated to us for our work, not his weekly shopping trip!! Personally though if members of the public are happy to do anything to make my job harder then i am more then happy to go one better and be even more inconsiderate to make my already pushed day that little bit easier. to be quite blunt about it.

    • DNK February 14, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

      I’m sure the person who posted this would be the first to complain if the delivery company informed them that they were unable to deliver their parcel as they could not find a “considerate” parking space, and that they’ll try again the next day. Get a life, multiple drop drivers aim to get the deliveries done as quick as possible and any hold ups they may cause is usually short lived.

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