Mini police officers penalise parents

6 Dec

A nice post by Living Streets.

“In partnership with Bradford’s road safety team and the West Yorkshire Police, primary school pupils donned police uniforms and handed out parking tickets to parents, in a successfully ‘lighthearted’ bid to highlight road safety. The event intended to warn parents and their children of the dangers of the ‘school drop’ and prevent daily offences such as pavement parking, using mobile phones whilst driving and stopping/dropping off in non-designated zones”.

I love the way this reworks the power balance between the children, who tend to suffer more than others from such behaviour and the minority of adults who are trying to get away with it. Do also check out my post about Junior Speed Watch which gets kids to bring speeding adults to task. What is powerful about this is how the authorities are working directly with the young people.

See the original ‘mini police officers’ article here:
‘Just the ticket for parents’

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