Blind man locked up over pavement parking dispute

9 Nov

After many calls to the police about pavement parking without any effect, Daniel Duckfield from Narberth in North Wales finally told the police that he was going to write on one of the windscreens and let down the tires of one of the cars. The police then responded within minutes and arrested him 50 meters from the vehicle and put in the cells for three hours. He was only let out after accepting a caution for threatening to cause criminal damage.

Daniel Duckfield. Photo copyright BBC.

I haven’t heard a clearer story of how the law is set up to support motorists over the interest of pedestrians. What had made him absolutely mad was being told by one person parked on the pavement that ‘she was only going to be 10 minutes because she was having her legs waxed’.

Further reading

BBC Article

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