How’s my parking?

24 Oct

Some vehicles helpfully have phone numbers printed on them making it easier to feed information about poor parking back to the employer. Today I passed a van belonging to Sliderobes parked in a stunningly inconsiderate place right outside a kid’s playground on a sunny Autumn Sunday afternoon leaving a 900mm gap between the wing-mirror and the fence. I contacted the company by phone, asking them to get the driver to move it to one of the free parking places on the road. After a bit of discussion where the driver was trying to convince me that it wasn’t obstructing anyone he moved it.

Sliderobe’s van on the pavement outside a playground

Sometimes to takes two phone calls – this van from Specialised Fixings made a speciality of parking on the same stretch of pavement. I phoned the company to complain and didn’t see it on the pavement for a couple of weeks. When it returned I complained again and I haven’t seen it on the pavement since.

Specialised Fixings’ vehicle on the pavement outside a playground

Of course it is not only vehicles that create obstructions on this section of pavement. Last week I did a blog post about these ‘obstruction’ signs for road-works that were left obstructing the same section of pavement.

Obstruction signs obstructing the pavement

I have just seen the comment left on this post by Sliderobes themselves apologising. Not sure it the message is from head-office or from the Ipswich franchise. Whichever it is, the message seems to have got through this time which is good.

2 Responses to “How’s my parking?”

  1. Sliderobes October 25, 2010 at 1:28 pm #

    We wanted to get back to you to extend our apologies! You are totally right- bad parking on our part. Thanks for bringing to our attention and we’ll be reminding our teams of the need to park considerately.


  1. Willful ignorance? « Pedestrian Liberation - November 25, 2010

    […] is the third time in a few weeks that we have experienced an aggressive response to poor parking choices by people […]

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