Parking on pavements is now ok!

12 Jul

A recent blog post in the challenging blog titled “‘Crap Cycling & Walking in Waltham Forest’”  tells us of the case of a pavement parker who won an appeal by arguing that he had done it lots of time before and hadn’t been fined. The appeal adjudicator recommended that the council reconsider any further pending fines. He also said that CCTV cameras should not be used for issuing parking fines “because that wasn’t what they were designed for. They were designed as a deterrent to theft and anti-social behaviour”.

A council spokesperson plaintively commented that “Parking on the pavement is illegal unless signs permit it. We are getting increasing numbers of calls from wheelchair and buggy users and parents complaining about the lack of space caused by cars blocking the way, which is why we increased enforcement in the area”.

Be aware that London has special powers to fine pavement parking. Cars even a little bit on the pavement can theoretically already be fined unless there is special signage and marking saying that their can.

Same old….

2 Responses to “Parking on pavements is now ok!”

  1. Johnny March 6, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    This sounds silly but there must be some legal discretion where it makes common sense. I have been involved in many pedestrian campaigns&cycling campaigns, I have helped defend campagianers& pedestrians physically more than once against violent drivers. I also live in the east midlands on very narrow road double parked on both sides with very wide pavements, it would cost £500,000+ to increase the road& much disturbance with utilities. In the middle of this long road there is a avenue with 2 culdesacs which fire engines can only get to extremely slowly or not at all& ambulances also have this problem, more parking restrictions will make no difference.
    My local council parking department lied about the legality of allowing cars to park slightly on the pavement , if applied properly with consideration for prams&the disabled only on roads like this it would be a great help& Waltham Forest maybe leading the way!.


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    […] when they have been getting away for it for years on pavements, outside schools and on verges? We reported some time ago about the illegal parker who appealed successfully against prosecution on the grounds […]

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