Fooling around. A call to action

31 Mar

A few days ago I proposed that we should put up some spoof signage tomorrow morning for April Fools day. I have prepared some for us here in Ipswich and I believe that we are also going to have some displayed in Norwich. Any more takers? If it works then it could become a regular April 1 event.

Here is the proposal:

  • Print out some of the signs and get them laminated (cost about £1.5 each at Staples I seem to remember).
  • Choose one or more suitable streets. Do this today.
  • Alert the local paper as to what you will be doing, where and when and persuade them that it will be worth while turning up.
  • On the morning of April 1 attach signs to suitable telegraph poles or lamp posts in time for the school run.
  • Consider also leaving ‘tickets’ under the wipers of the worst offenders cars – see proposed form below.
  • Consider marking around the worst cars in chalk writing the number plate onto the pavement.
  • Hang around at the end of the street offering fake tickets to people who are passing and tell them what you are doing.
  • Talk to the journalist and ensure that they get to talk to pedestrians and get some photos.
  • At 12noon go back and collect up the signage as it is illegal to put signage onto the street.
  • Remember to be prepared to just leave it anyone getting angry and make sure you don’t get angry yourself!

Your job is now done, other than to buy an evening paper and see if the story made it and then admire all the views that will start flying around in the letters pages on both sides of the argument over the coming days

This form is also available in a 2 up pdf version. Print on yellow paper for best effect.

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