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Getting bin collections compliant with the Equality Act 2010?

30 Mar

Our blue and brown bins were emptied today and it occurred to me that the bin men have a choice about where they leave the empty bins. Their can leave them on the pavement close to the property (which is what they normally do), or in line with parked cars at the edge of the pavement close or on the carriageway as appropriate.

I note that the Equality Act 2000 says that disabled people “should not be discriminated against or harassed in relation to the use of transport services. This also covers access to travel infrastructure such as railway stations and bus stations. You also have a right to reasonable adjustments.”

Personally I think the current situation does constitute discrimination and that ‘reasonable adjustments’ are in order and that bins should be left in line with the parked cars rather than at the back of the pavement where this is required to maintain a usable pavement. I will email the council and ask them to comment on this suggestion and to review their guidance with regard to bin collections.

Bins left where they cause unnecessary inconvenience

Brown bins this time

Leave these ones on the carriageway please

Too much stuff!

19 Oct

Outside this house on Burrell Road in Ipswich there is a parked car and 5 large wheely-bins. Some attempt has been made to keep them off the pavement but it has not been 100% effective. Interestingly no 99 next door is boarded up so this person appears to have the use of all of these bins.

This is on a major pedestrian route to the Railway station and much of the rest of the street is lined of wheely bins.

To much stuff!

This pair of houses (below) on Burrell Road have 6 bins on the street between them. The one this end could keep them on their driveway. What about the left hand house? Well they do have off-street space.

Convenient but not necessary – bins could easily be kept off the highway

Finally, this terrace. The houses have no front gardens and no alley-ways obviously visible to get to the back of the houses. Do they really need such large bins? Could other provision be made or has part of the highway been permanently ‘privatised’ for storing household rubbish?

Lines of bins narrowing the pavement

I am going to ask for clarification from the council as to the rules about leaving bins in the street at all, and in particular of having 5 bins and a car outside a single house.